What Are the Steps of New Product Development Testing?

When software programmers develop a new product, it has to be tested before it can be used in real-time applications. The testing process is not only essential to ensure the program runs smoothly, but also to check if it satisfies all the criteria and requirements requested by the customer. A reliable test run in different environments will help in further research and also to improve the performance of the product.

Moreover, it will also help build confidence and trust on the product. There are different types of software testing modules such as iterative model, waterfall model and v model.

Stage 1

The first step of a new product development testing cycle is planning or requirement gathering. All the stake holders of the software product, from the designers and developers to the managers and users come together to discuss the various requirements of the product testing. Based on the input from all the stake holders of the product, a requirement document should be prepared for reference. Application development companies generally have a separate QA team that will identify the different types of tests that need to be performed. The team will also collate all the details, create the test environment and list the various elements that need to be tested.

Stage 2

The second stage involves the design and development of a test case. From software to hardware, all the requirements for the testing process are clearly specified in this stage.

Stage 3

The third stage of the new product development testing is the coding process where the actual program is developed.

Stage 4

The next stage of the cycle is the actual testing. Application development companies make use of different testing techniques such as system testing, integration testing, development testing, A/B testing, concurrent testing and more to check the various parameters of the product.

Stage 5

It is the deployment stage when the product is given to the customer for use in real time application.

Stage 6

When the program is being used by the customer, some problems may crop up. These problems should be sorted out on a need basis. It is the final stage of the testing. This stage can also be used to determine new techniques that can be used to improve the program and enhance its performance.

New product development testing allows application development companies to set and maintain high standards for their products. The test results should be carefully recorded and maintained, and they will come in helpful while developing other products.